Accelerate your project showcase with our efficient and cost-effective Matterport scan service. We provide an innovative solution to your problems, creating immersive 3D visuals of your space, perfect for capturing customer attention and boosting engagement

 Are you looking for a way to enhance your design process or showcase your projects to clients in a more immersive and interactive way?

Matterport is a cutting-edge technology that allows the creation of highly detailed, 3D virtual models of any physical space and the Pro 3 camera is a significant upgrade!

This means that we can easily capture the exact layout, lighting, and other details of a space, and then use that model to create virtual walkthroughs, floor plans, and other visualizations. It is also perfect for a desktop audit

Matterport Virtual Digital Twins can also be used to create virtual presentations for clients. Allowing them to experience your design in a fully immersive way, which can generate excitement and buy-in for your project

Overall, Matterport is a powerful tool that can help designers to streamline their workflow, improve their designs, address the decarbonisation challenge, and not least, impress their clients.  If you need point clouds, .obj, .E57, floor plans or 3D walkthroughs we are based in London, UK

If you’re looking to take your process to the next level, or just need to conduct a desktop survey, we recommend giving our service a try.

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Suitable for: owners and developers, contractors, architects and engineers, facilities and operations managers, government agencies and many other applications such as shopfitters..